Nancy Burnett Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 4 generations back.

 / Reuben Burnett
 / John Burnett|
|  \ Nancy Tuggle
Nancy Burnett |
|  / Joseph Duncan
 \ Rebecca Duncan |
 \ Mary Howard

Born: 1838-01-23 Tennessee USA
Died: 1904-01-04 Bethpage, McDonald Co, Missouri USA
1. about 1858-00-00 John Baker Hinds

Children of Nancy Burnett and John Hinds:
William Jeremiah Hinds b. 1859-04-23
John Burnett Hinds b. 1860-10-14
Joseph Thomas Hinds b. 1862-09-28
Samuel Newton Hinds b. 1865-09-23
James Columbus "Lum" Hinds b. 1866-12-04
Reuben Amos Hinds b. 1869-07-04
George Berry "Doc" Hinds b. 1871-04-20
Abraham Moses Hinds b. 1873-02-15
Rebecca Belle Hinds b. 1874-11-09
Elijah E "Lige" Hinds b. 1876-12-25
*Walter Franklin Hinds b. 1879-05-30
Minnie C Hinds b. 1881-09-08


buried in Macedonia cemetery, Newton Co MO

From a note by son Walter's wife: "Nancy was of medium height, with dark hair and blue eyes."

Another researcher sends:

From Pineville Herald, Jan. 15, 1904
Bethpage Items
Aunt Nancy Hinds died at her
old home place near here last
Thursday. She came back from
Oklahoma about a month ago on a
visit. She leaves twelve children,
a husband, a host of friends and
relatives to mourn her loss.

1900 census McDonald Co MO p36
John B Hinds 63 AR/TN/TN
wife Nancy B 62 TN/unk/unk
son Walter F 21 MO
dau Matild C 19 MO

1880 census McDonald Co MO p248
John B Hinds 43 AR/TN/TN
wife Nancy B 42 TN/KY/TN
son William J 21 MO
son John B 19 MO
son Joseph 18 AR
son Samuel A 15 AR
son James B 13 MO
son Reuben A 10 MO
son George B 9 MO
son Abraham M 7 MO
dau Rebecca B 5 MO
son Elijah J 3 MO
son Walter F 1 MO

1870 census McDonald Co MO p21
John Hines 33 AR
Nancy 33 TN
Jeremiah 11 MO
John B 8 MO
Joseph 6 MO
Samuel 5 MO
James 3 MO
Reuben 11/12 MO

1860 census McDonald Co MO p59
John B Hine 22 MO
Nancy 22 TN
William J 1 VA

1850 census Benton Co AR p79a, Osage twp
John Burnett 36 KY
Rebecca 37 KY
Louisa 15 TN
Polly 13 TN [Polly is really Mary]
Mary 12 TN [this should be Nancy]
Joseph 10 MO
Judah 9 MO
Sarah 6 MO
Reuben 5 MO
Matilda 2 AR

She attended school within the year.

1840 census Johnson Co MO p1
John Burnett 1 M 0-5, 1 M 20-30, 3 F 0-5, 1 F 20-30
[Nancy is 2]

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