George Zentz Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 5 generations back.

 / Johann Zentz
 / Jacob Zentz|
|  \ Maria Fritsch
George Zentz |
|  / George Myers
 \ Margaret Myers |
 \ Mary (unknown)

Born: about 1812-00-00 Huntingdon Co, Pennsylvania USA
Died: about 1848-00-00 Waynesburg, Stark Co, Ohio USA
1. 1835-12-22 Elizabeth Welker

Children of George Zentz and Elizabeth Welker:
*Henry Welker Zentz b. 1836-11-17
Thomas Zentz b. 1841-00-00


marriage in Waynesburg, Sandy Township, Stark County, OH
(source: world tree search)

There are several references to an "Uncle Peter" in Henry Welker Zentz's history.

On 1837-07-18 he bought from his wife's sister Mary and her husband Jonathan Pearson for $100
her 1/10 share of Henry Welker's land in Stark Co OH.

On 1843-08-30 he and Elizabeth sold to Michael Welker for $800 a 20-acre tract of land described as:
So much of the W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 8, Township 17 Range 7 as lies within the boundaries following:
beginning at the NE corner of half quarter, thence W 40 rods to the E line of lands assigned to Oce
Welker widow of Henry Welker deceased for dower in 1837, thence S 80 rods to Halter's land, thence
E with said Halter's line 40 rods, thence 80 rods to the place of beginning.
George owns the north 10 acres, and Elizabeth the south 10 as heir of Henry Welker.

1840 census Stark Co OH p13b, Sandy twp
George Zentz (looks like Lentz) 1 M <5, 1 M 20-30, 1 F 20-30
[Henry 4, George 28, Elizabeth 28]
[Sandy twp is the southeast corner of the county, immediately west of the notch. It contains the town
of Waynesburg.]

The 1830 census has Adam Zentz and John Zentz in Stark Co OH, and Philip Zentz in Washington Co PA. They are probably Jacob's nephews or brothers. Where is George?
Adam is 30-40, and has a male 20-30 living with him. Is that George?

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