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This is my direct ancestor 4 generations back.

 / Levi Hinds
 / William Hinds|
|  \ Nancy (unknown)
John Baker Hinds |
|  / William Baker
 \ Matilda Baker |
 \ Nancy Duncan

Born: 1837-05-30 Wesley, Madison Co, Arkansas USA
Died: 1927-08-03 N Burns, Washita Co, Oklahoma USA
1. about 1858-00-00 Nancy Burnett

Children of John Hinds and Nancy Burnett:
William Jeremiah Hinds b. 1859-04-23
John Burnett Hinds b. 1860-10-14
Joseph Thomas Hinds b. 1862-09-28
Samuel Newton Hinds b. 1865-09-23
James Columbus "Lum" Hinds b. 1866-12-04
Reuben Amos Hinds b. 1869-07-04
George Berry "Doc" Hinds b. 1871-04-20
Abraham Moses Hinds b. 1873-02-15
Rebecca Belle Hinds b. 1874-11-09
Elijah E "Lige" Hinds b. 1876-12-25
*Walter Franklin Hinds b. 1879-05-30
Minnie C Hinds b. 1881-09-08


From a note by son Walter's wife:
John was a short man with black hair and brown eyes. He was a farmer, and fought in the Civil War for the Confederate Army.

married in McDonald Co MO
buried in N Burns cemetery, Washita Co OK [block 2, lot 19a, space 3]

also married Susan Cordelia Taylor 1850-02-xx TN d 1942 OK

He and Nancy moved to OK in late 1900. He sent a letter from Burns OK on 1900-11-10 to son Walter.

Middle name from 1876 Agricultural census

Here is a large picture of John, his wife, and all their children.

This page has:

McDonald County MO 1861 Tax List
Hinds, J B [served in Confederate Army]

[He is the only Hinds listed.]

I thought he was the John Hinds who was in the 32nd Arkansas Infantry, but another researcher shows that that John was from AL and lived in St Francis Co.

He also wasn't in the Southwest MO Regiment (6th MO Cavalry), which was raised from men in McDonald and Newton Cos.

He also wasn't in Clarkson's Battalion or the two Cherokee Regiments, which were raised from southwest MO and northwest AR.

He might have been in Livingston's Regiment, but they were mostly wiped out and most of the survivors went to TX.

He might have been in a Partisan Ranger command under John Coffee. There doesn't seem to have been any other regiment he could have served in.

The 1890 Civil War veterans schedule for MO does not show John.
The schedules were supposed to be for Union veterans, but some Confederates were also listed.
Apparently John was not one of the Confederates listed.

Oklahoma Wills and Probate Records 1801-2008

I, J B Hinds, resident of the town of Dill, county
of Washita and State of Oklahoma, being of sound mind and
memory, do make and declare the following as and for my last
will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former wills
by me at any time heretofore made.

I direct that all my just debts and expenses of my
last sickness and funeral be paid as soon after my decease
as conveniently can be done, and subject thereto, I give
devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my
property, both real and personal, of which I shall die
seized and possessed and to which I shall be entitled at the
time of my decease, and wherever the same may be situated,
to my beloved wife S C Hinds and my eleven living children
as follows:

William Jerry Hinds, Joseph T Hinds, Samuel N Hinds,
James C Hinds, George B Hinds, Rebecca Bell Long, Mosses
Hinds, Reubin Hinds, Elija Hinds, Walter F Hinds, Minnie
Kirby, and Mattie Hinds wife of John B Hinds Jr deceased,
each the sum of one dollar.

I bequeath to S C Hinds and eleven living children
William Jerry Hinds, Joseph T Hinds, Samuel N Hinds, James
C Hinds, George B Hinds, Rebecca Bell Long, Mosses Hinds,
Reubin Hinds, Elija Hinds, Walter F Hinds, and Minnie Kirby
shall share and share alike; and in the event that either of
them shall die before me, then and in that event his or
her share as the case may be shall go to the survivors of them.
And I direct that all debts due the estate shall be collected
as speedily as possible.

I constitute and appoint Joseph T Hinds and Walter F
Hinds, executors without bond, having perfect confidence that
they will see that S C Hinds and the eleven living heirs
shall share and share alike of this my last will and testament,
and confer upon them and the survivors of them full power and
authority to sell both real and personal estate at public
auction or private sale, and to convey the same by deeds or
other instruments as may be necessary to transfer the legal
title thereto.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this
3 day of April, A D 1922.

Ida Turney
Emma I Hinds

[proved 1927-09-17]

The probate for his estate says his land was:
SW 1/4 of Section 8 in Township 9 North of Range 18 W; value $8500
and that tract or parcel of land described as follows: Commencing at the SE Corner of the NE corner of Section 7 Twp 9 N Range 18 W; thence West 30 feet to the beginning point of the land hereinafter described; thence N 250 ft; W 235 ft; thence SW along the East line of the RR Right of way 270 ft; thence E 332 ft; to the beginning point and containing 1.64 acres more or less, the said 1.64 acres being a part of the SE Quarter of the NE Quarter of Section 7 Twp 9 N Range 18 W; value $500
Lots 2-13 and 15-23 in Block 29, Lots 1-12 and 17-24 in Block 30, and Lots 1-4 in Block 31, all in the Town of Dill City Oklahoma; value $400

1920 census Washita Co OK p189a, Elk twp
John B Hines 82 AR/TN/TN
wife Susan C 69 TN/VA/KY
dau Ida M Tarney 44 TN/AR/TN

He owns his home free. He and his wife can read and write.
That daughter must be from an earlier marriage of his wife Susan. John was not in TN in 1876.
And is Susan a third wife? Her age and places don't match Sally from 1910.

1910 census Washita Co OK p285a, Turkey Creek twp
John B Hinds 73 AR/TN/TN
wife Sallie C 55 TN/TN/unknown
boarder Andrew J Taylor 18 TX/VA/VA

He is a farmer.He owns his home through a mortgage.
They have been married 3 years. It was the second marriage for both of them.

1900 census McDonald Co MO p36, Elkhorn twp
John B Hinds 63 AR/TN/TN
wife Nancy B 62 TN/unk/unk
son Walter F 21 MO
dau Matild C 19 MO

He is a farmer. He owns his home through a mortgage. They have been married 42 years. She has had 12 children, all living. She can read and write.

1880 census McDonald Co MO p248a, Elk Horn twp
John B Hinds 43 AR/TN/TN
wife Nancy B 42 TN/KY/TN
son William J 21 MO
son John B 19 MO
son Joseph 18 AR
son Samuel A 15 AR
son James B 13 MO
son Reuben A 10 MO
son George B 9 MO
son Abraham M 7 MO
dau Rebecca B 5 MO
son Elijah J 3 MO
son Walter F 1 MO

He is a farmer. He has been unemployed 3 months in the past year.
[Elkhorn twp is on the north edge of the county. It is west of Richwood twp, which is the northeast corner.]

1876 state census McDonald Co MO p121
John Baker Hinds 39
Nancy 35
William Jeremiah 17
John Burnett 16
Joseph 14
Samuel Newton 11
James Columbus 9
Ruben Amos? 7
George Berry 5
Abraham Moses 3
Rebecca Bell 2

He owns 8 horses, 1 mule, 6 cattle, 7 sheep, and 35 hogs.
He produced 120 bushels of wheat, 200 of corn, 10 of oats, and 25 of wool.

1870 census McDonald Co MO p21b, Fox twp, Pineville post office
John Hines 33 AR
Nancy 33 TN
Jeremiah 11 MO
John B 8 MO
Joseph 6 MO
Samuel 5 MO
James 3 MO
Reuben 11/12 MO

He is a farmer. His real estate is valued at $500, and his personal estate at $350.
[Pineville is just southwest of the exact center of the county.]

1860 census McDonald Co MO p59. Richwoods twp, Kent post office
John B Hines 22 MO
Nancy 22 TN
William J 1 VA

He is a farmer. His real estate is valued at $200, and his personal estate at $200.
I don't know why it would say William was born in VA.
[Richwoods twp is the northeast corner of the county.]

1850 census Madison Co AR p249b, Prairie twp
William Hinds 47 TN
Matilda 41 TN
James D 13 AR
William 16 AR
John 12 AR
Martha 10 AR
Abigail 9 AR
Lucinda 7 AR
Elijah 5 AR
Caroline 2 AR

He attended school within the year.

1840 census Madison Co AR p39
William Hines 1 M 0-5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 30-40, 1 F 0-5, 1 F 5-10, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 30-40
[John is 3, but he has a brother age 4. I don't know why only one son under 5 is listed.]

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