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This is my direct ancestor 6 generations back.

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John Bowman |
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Born: about 1765-00-00
Died: (unknown)

Children of John Bowman and (unknown) (unknown):
*George John? Bowman b. about 1799-00-00


He was born between 1760 and 1770.

I'm not positive he was the father of my George, but circumstantial evidence is strong.
George was married in Switzerland Co IN 1819-07-12.
On the 1820 census for Switzerland Co George is living next door to this John. On the same page is
his wife's father. There are no other Jones or Bowman families in the county.

I think this is not the John Bowman s/o Henry/Heinrich Bowman + Catherine Darr. The ages don't
work, and I think that John remained in PA.
This is also not the John Bowman s/o Jacob Bowman + Susannah Leffinger. That John was born too late.
This is also not the John Bowman of Cumberland Co PA whose grandchildren were in Switzerland Co.
That John died before 1830.

He might be descended from the George Bowman who married Mary Hite, d/o Jost Hite.
The Hites were in Shenandoah Co VA, which is in the northern part of VA, about 150 miles southwest
of then Ohio Co VA. Many Hite descendants ended up in OH.
One of George + Mary's children was John George Bowman 1732-04-27, who would be old enough to
be my John's father.
One RootsWeb entry says John George 1732 had a son John 1771 VA.

Some RootsWeb entries says George + Mary's son George married Grezel Lee. Others have her as
Hazel or Grace Greenlee.

George Sr is supposed to have been born c1704 Strasbourg, Alsace.

Another of George + Mary's sons was an Isaac Bowman whose son Philip moved to Switzerland Co IN.
Isaac's wife was Elizabeth Gatewood, who is descended from my John Gatewood.

There is a book about George Bowman + Mary Hite, called "The Bowmans, a Pioneering Family in VA,
KY, and the Northwest Territory", by John W Wayland.
It says George + Mary's son John died in Lincoln Co VA. His wife was Elizabeth, and his will left
everything to his only son John. Son John then died unmarried.
It also says George + Mary's son Isaac had a son John. Isaac's 1824 will mentions "valuable tracts of
land in the state of Indiana" having been given to sons Abraham, Joseph, and John. Isaac still owned
lots in Jeffersonville IN, among others, but no details are given as to the location of the other IN land.
There isn't an Abraham or Joseph Bowman in IN on the 1820 census. On the 1830 a Joseph Boman
is in Jefferson Co IN. Robert, William, and Ransom Bowman are in Jeffersonville.

Another possibility is that he was from the Bowmans of present-day Tucker Co WV. Tucker Co touches
the southwest corner of MD where it pokes into WV. The area was part of Randolph Co VA before WV
became a state. This area is just west of Shenandoah Co VA, where Jost Hite lived.
A Genforum message says the Tucker Co Bowmans are from a Dutch family from NJ and are related to
the Van Meter family.

There was a Martin Bowman who lived in Hardy Co VA early. (Note this John had a grandson Martin.)
Hardy Co is immediately east of Randolph Co.

He probably had children:

Ellender c1795 who married 1829-03-23 Thomas Kelly [see 1830 Switz Co p50, 1840 Pike Co IN p237]
William who married 1821-02-22 Prudence Lucas [? c1797 VA; see 1850 Mason Co KY p62a]
David c1802 PA who married 1830-09-01 Elizabeth Kelly c1805 IN [see 1850 Wayne Co IN p3b]
Sarah c1802 OH who married 1826-04-03 Jesse Roberts c1799 d 1857-04-13 Marysville, Nodaway Co MO [see 1850 Boone Co KY p153b]

[Note that one of those females is not with John on the 1820 census, but there are no other Bowman
families in Switzerland Co.]
[Thomas and Elizabeth Kelly prob children of William Kelly c1755]

other Bowmans in Switzerland Co:
Rebecca [1811-03-04 VA; d/o Philip] who married 1834-03-25 William Dorrel
Polly who married 1832-06-08 Cyrus Harewood
Philip who married 1842-03-24 Borathy? Bowe
Phidelia C who married 1846-05-27 Egbert S Crippen
Isabella who married 1839-05-04 John Sedam
Eliza Cath who married 1844-03-04 Alexander Allen

Did he have a son John Jr? A John Bowman bought land in Whitley Co IN in 1838. This John's son
George died in Whitley Co.

1830 census Switzerland Co IN p30
John Bowman 1 M 60-70, 1 F 5-10, 1 F 60-70

1820 census Switzerland Co IN p278
John Bowman 1 M 16-18,1 M 16-26, 1 M 45+, 1 F 16-26, 1 F 45+

Possibilities for 1810 entry:
Brooke Co VA: John Bowman 2 M <10, 1 M 10-16, 2 M 16-26, 1 M 45+, 1 F <10, 2 F 10-16, 2 F 16-26, 1 F 45+
Bullitt Co KY: John Bowman 2 M <10, 2 M 10-16, 1 M 26-45, 1 F 26-45
Pulaski Co KY: Jno Bowman 1 M <10, 1 M 10-16, 1 M 26-45, 6? F <10, 1 F 16-26, 1 F 26-45
Washington Co KY: John Bowman 1 M 10-16, 2 M 16-26,1 M 45+, 1 F <10, 1 F 45+
[Indiana territory census is lost]

Brooke Co VA is now in WV. In 1810 it was the northernmost county of the part that juts up between PA
and OH. I think that entry is most likely to be this John. Note that Brooke Co VA bordered on the Ohio
River, as does Switzerland Co IN. It is very easy to imagine John migrating west on the river and
stopping in Switzerland Co.
The KY entries are all southwest of Switzerland Co. The one in Washington Co is out, because he is
still there on the 1820 census. The other two have moved or died by 1820. While either of them could
have moved to Switzerland Co, I think the VA one is more likely. Note also that son George appears to
have been born in VA. See his notes.

If George was born in late 1800, and was marked age 0-10 on the 1810 census, there are several
additional John Bowmans who are a possibility. In particular, there is a John Jr in Rockingham Co VA
next door to a George Bowman and John Bowman Sr.

1800 and 1790 censuses for VA are lost.

There was a Samuel Bowman who lived in Marshal Co WV. (Marshall Co was formed from the southern
part of the old Ohio Co VA.) Samuel's 1840 will mentions sons John and Samuel.

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