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This is my direct ancestor 9 generations back.

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Born: 1703-00-00 Loudoun Co, Virginia USA
Died: about 1767-00-00 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland USA
1. Mary McCullough

Children of John Ryan and Mary McCullough:
*Susanna Ryan b. 1755-00-00
*Rebecca Ryan b. about 1760-00-00


This RootsWeb entry looks like it could be this John. He died 1767 Anne Arundel Co MD, and had a daughter Susannah. His Susannah seems to have been a minor in 1766.
The above site gives two wives for John: Mary Cobbey and Mary Sappington.
children with Mary Cobbey:
1 Mary
2 Robert c1712 Ann Arundel Co MD
3 Ruth c1715 Ann Arundel Co MD
4 Benjamin bap 1719-07-05 Ann Arundel Co MD
5 William bap 1721-07-16 Ann Arundel Co MD
6 Rachel 1722-03-15 Ann Arundel Co MD
7 Joseph 1731-10-06 Ann Arundel Co MD
8 John 1738-06-02 Ann Arundel Co MD

children with Mary Sappington:
9 Jacob
10 Susannah
11 Ann
12 Rebecca c1755
13 Charity c1760

Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Willbook 36, pp. 205-207

I John Ryan Senior of Anne Arundel County being Weak of Body but of sound and perfect mind and
memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth viz -

Imprimis. My Will is that all my Debts and funeral Charges be paid and

Item. I give and divise unto my beloved Wife my Dwelling Plantation
containing one hundred and thirteen acres of Land after her Decease I devise the
said Land to my Daughter Ann Ryan and to her Heirs for ever.

Item. I devise to my son Jacob all those two Tracts of Land called Lewis's Lot and Grimitts
Chance but if my said son should die without issue then my Will is that the said
land shall be sold at publick Vendue and the money arising by the said sale be
equally devided among my five Daughters, (namely) Susannah, Rachel, Charity,
Rebecca and Ann Ryan and to their Heirs forever or the Survivors of them.

Item. I Devise the Remaining part of my Plantation I now live on to be equally
divided among my four Daughters (namely) Susannah, Rachel, Charity and
Rebecca and to their Heirs for ever or the Survivors of them but my Will further is
that the said Land remain in the Possession of my said Wife during the minority of
my said Daughters Provided she continue a Widow.

Item. I give to my sons Benjamin, William and John Ryan one shilling current
money and no more. Item. I give to my Daughters Ruth Hanks, Mary Pen and
Rachel Elder one shilling current money and no more. Item. I give to my Daughter
Rebecca one Negro girl named Dinah and her Increase and to her Heirs for ever
to be delivered to her when she comes of age or Day of marriage but if my said
Daughter should die without issue that then the said Negro and her Increase be
sold and the money be equally divided among my children Jacob Ryan,
Susannah, Rachel, Charity and Ann Ryan or the Survivours of them.

Item. I give unto my sons Robert, and Joseph one Shilling current money and no
more. Item. I give all my Wearing apparel to be equally divided among my sons.
Item. my Will is that all the remaining Part of my Estate when the Legacys are
paid be equally divided between Jacob Ryan, Susannah, Rachel, Charity,
Rebecca and Ann Ryan or the Survivours of them and my Will further is that my
young Childrens parts remain in the Hands of my said Wife during her
Widowhood and she only pay them as they arrive of age.

And Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my said Wife and my son Robert
Ryan Executors of this Will and do hereby revoke, abrogate and make null and
void all other Wills made by me before In Witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and fixd my seal this twenty second day of October Anno Domini 1766.

John (his R mark) Ryan Senior {Seal}

Signd Seald Publishd and Declared
in the Presence of
Edmund Jenings
Charles Greenby Griffith
William (his X mark) Shahon

[probate 1767-08-25]

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 37874
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