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This is my direct ancestor 11 generations back.

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Born: 1600-00-00 Wales
Died: 1661-08-25 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts USA
1. 1630-00-00 Jane (unknown)

Children of Evan Thomas and Jane (unknown):
Elinor Thomas
Jane Thomas b. 1641-05-16
William Thomas b. 1656-00-00
*George Thomas b. about 1658-00-00


This page says his parents were Evan Thomas and Sarah (unknown), and that he had brothers Phillip and Rice.

Is he really George's father? Note the only child we know for sure is Jane.

First came to Boston as the Master of the ship "William & Francis" in 1635, but emigrated with his family to Boston about 1640.

from genforum:
According to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Evan Thomas and his wife Jane came to Boston from Wales in 1640 with four children. Daughter Jane was born close to or on 16 May 1641, daughter Dorcas (who lived only for about three weeks) was born on or about 5 February 1643.

Daughter Jane married John Jackson on 14 November 1657, and her mother Jane died on 12 January 1659.

Father Evan then married Alice, the widow of Philip Kirtland (or Catlin) of Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1659 or 1660. Evan then died 25 August 1661.

List of Freemen of Massachusetts, 1630-1691

Evan Thomas

Massachusetts Land Records, 1620-1986 (index)
Suffolk Co MA

book 2 p191
1655-6 mo-27 Evan Thomas; Rowland Williams; bond
1655-6 mo-27 Evan Thomas; Michael Sainter [?]; receipt

book 2 p192
1655-Aug-27 Evan Thomas; Isaac Allerton; receipt

book 2 p317
1656-Dec-27 Evan Thomas; George Calsey est; Boston dwelling house, warehouse, land, & whf on both side of the hghy. Thomas Clarke S & W; the sea E; Nathaniel Patten formerly George Halsey's N

book 3 p447
1661-Apr-5 Evan Thomas; Alice Thomas; land & house in Lynn = pers prop agreement

book 3 p448
1661-Apr-5 Evan Thomas & ux; inventory; inventory of pers prop

book 3 p485
1661-Aug-6 Evan Thomas & ux; inventory; inventory of pers prop

from this page:

Origin of Name and Early History. The surname Thomas is the Baptismal form meaning, "The son of Thomas" (from the nickname Thome or Tom, Thome being the earlier form). The name Thomas is originally derived from the Hebrew Language and signifies a twin. In its earliest use the name was confined to male twins, the feminine form Thomasine having been applied to girls. In the lapse of time, it gradually was applied to others and finally came into general use. Adopted by the Greeks and Romans and later introduced into Great Britain about 600 AD, the name Thomas enjoyed great popularity. With some slight variations in spelling the name is found in all modern European Languages.

The Thomas Family in this country was also settled by emigrants from the German Palatinate as well as from England.

He kept an inn or tavern in Boston MA and was licensed to sell "strong waters".

NEHGR Vol 18 p330

Boston Deaths

Seargt Evan Thomas deceased the 25th Augst 1661.

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