George Thomas Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 10 generations back.

 / Evan Thomas|
|  \
George Thomas |
|  /
 \ Jane (unknown) |

Born: about 1658-00-00 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts USA
Died: 1696-00-00 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts USA
1. 1680-00-00 Rebecca Maverick

Children of George Thomas and Rebecca Maverick:
Peter Thomas b. 1682-02-06
Martha Thomas b. 1683-09-22
George Jr Thomas b. 1685-03-16
Rebecca Thomas b. 1687-03-25
*Ann Thomas b. 1688-04-30
Dorothy Rebecca Thomas b. 1690-12-20
Elizabeth Thomas b. 1693-07-28
Maverick Thomas b. 1695-02-24


died after 1696; married before 1682 in Boston

parents from this page

Are they right, though?
Note that George and Rebecca's first two children were Peter and Martha. The next two were George and Rebecca. The next female was Ann, and the next male was Maverick. It sure looks like they were following the naming conventions, implying that George's parents were Peter and Martha.

Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988
Boston births

Peter s/o George Thomas & Rebecca born 1682-02-06
Martha d/o George Thomas & Rebecca born 1683-09-22
George s/o George Thomas & Rebecca born 1684-03-16
Rebecca d/o George Thomas & Rebecca born 1687-03-25
Ann d/o George Thomas & Rebecca born 1688-04-30
Dorothy d/o George Thomas & Rebecca born 1690-12-20
Elizabeth d/o George Thomas & Rebecka born 1693-08-26
Maverick s/o George Thomas & Rebecka born 1694-02-24

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