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This is my direct ancestor 9 generations back.

 / Sgt William Cornwell
 / Sgt John Cornwall|
|  \ Mary Hyanno
John Cornwall |
|  / Paul Peck
 \ Martha Peck |
 \ Martha Hale

Born: 1671-08-13 Middlesex Co, Connecticut USA
Died: about 1740-00-00 Middlesex Co, Connecticut USA
1. 1699-03-23 Mary Hilton

Children of John Cornwall and Mary Hilton:
Mary Cornwell b. 1700-08-25
Miriam Cornwell b. 1702-09-27
John Cornwell b. 1705-04-07 d. 1746-04-23
*Eunice Cornwell b. 1709-11-30
Desire Cornwell b. 1711-03-16
Hannah Cornwell b. 1715-11-15 d. 1739-12-21


died before 1742-03-09
married in Middletown, Hartford Co CT
from "Genealogies of Connecticut Families from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register":

He first married 1695-09-16 Elizabeth Hinsdale, who died 1699-05-23. By her he had a daughter

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CORNWALL, John, Middletown.
Invt. 106-19-00. Taken 9 March, 1742, by William ROCKWELL, Nathaniel GILBERT, and Jonathan ALLYN.

Will dated 26 February, 1738-9:
I, John CORNWALL, Sen., of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament:
I give unto Mary, my wife, my wool combs and all my sheep's wool that shall be mine at my decease, and 1-3 part of my household goods, and one cow, all of which I give her. Also, I give her 1-2 of the boggy meadow that belongs to me and my son John, and of my sheep, during the time she shall remain my widow.
I give unto my son John CORNWALL my gunn, with what I have alread given him by deed of gift. I give unto my two grandsons, John and Abijah, the two sons of my son John CORNWALL, all my part of the boggy meadow land above mentioned, to be to them in equal parts at their grandmother's decease or marriage.
I give unto my daughter Eunice my brass kettle.
I give unto my daughter Hannah one cow, to be paid to her out of my estate by my executor hereafter named, except I shall do it before my decease.
I also give to my son John all my part of our team and team tackling, provided he shall supply his mother with convenient firewood during her widowhood. And my will is that I shall have growing at my decease, of the fruits of the earth, with what shall be provided for my family or creatures, as corne, meat, syder, swine, and other family necessaries, and hay and other provisions for creatures, shall be for the use of
my wife and son John and their families.
And my will is that what then remains of my personal estate shall be equally divided to and among all my children.
And whereas, in my deed of gift to my son John, dated 26 February, 1723-4, I did oblige my sd. son to pay to my three younger daughters to each the sum of 10 money as they come to lawfull age if not done by me before my decease, I do hereby declare that I have fully done the same.
I appoint my only son John CORNWALL, Jr., executor.


Witness: Joseph ROCKWELL,
Ebenezer ROCKWELL,

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